About Gauras

Gauras is a Nagpur based enterprise dedicated to allied dairy activities through modern methods and innovations, committed to natural characteristics and purity of every drop.

We are a venture based on passion and love for nature, started with zeal and everything else followed. We are foremost committed to give back more than we take from Mother Nature, underlining all our activities.

A passion that motivates  innovative initiatives, values that fortify a sterling reputation with all our stakeholders, and an acute awareness of the social context in which we operate. These represent the vision of Gauras Farm Fresh, a vision that drives us to dream and dare, for the greater good of society.

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    Naturally Sweet

    Our products are naturally sweet that keep you full and nourish your body, not make you feel worse in the long run.

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    Keeps family healthy

    Gauras is committed to provide nutritional dairy products for your family, and take on healthy changes to eat better.

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    Always Fresh

    All our products like Desi cow, milk, Desi Ghee, Desi Ghee Buffalo, Butter, Malai Dahi, Malai Paneer, Shrikhand are fresh, unlike most others, and is available in delicious variants.

Gauras Milk

Gauras Milk:

  • rich in Proteins &  Vitamins
  • comes straight from the family farm
  • delivered fresh to your doorstep in a few hours
  • available in delicious variants.
  • natural taste & goodness
  • no preservatives.
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    Fresh cow milk of our cows is processed to make this wonderful Ghee which has all the goodness of healthy cows.
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    Gauras provides organic products for kids like Organic Cow milk, Cow ghee.

100% Cow Ghee

Gauras Ghee: made with tender loving care.

  • purest milk –  purest ghee.
  • time-honoured traditional practices to churn fresh milk into delicious ghee
  • delicious ghee that tastes like no other.
  • natural aroma & goodness
  • no vegetable oil or additives
  • 100% pure, antibiotic-free & hormone-free ghee
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    Extracted from the Antibiotic-free & Hormone-free 100% pure cow milk
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    Made lovingly in a traditional way with no additives.


Gauras Dahi:

  • the most nutritional products made from milk.
  • traditional methods to churn the milk into delicious dahi.
  • natural taste & goodness
  • no artificial additives
  • 100% pure, wholesome and nutritious dahi.
  • distinct flavors on its own.