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Malai Dahi

Strawberry Shrikhand

Prepared from accurate composition of fresh creamy shrikhand and crushed strawberries which gives Strawberry shrikhand  Tastier, Richer and uniform in texture. Made without addition of any artificial flavors or synthetic colors or any other chemical preservatives.  

Rajbhog Shrikhand

Make Your Meal Complete By A Perfect Sweet Like Palace’s Rajbhog (more…)

Pineapple Shrikhand

Pineapple shrikhand is a popular Indian dessert and is made with creamy shrikhand and real pineapple pieces being the main ingredients. It is a big favorite throughout India specially in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. (more…)


Consumer has freedom to choose from different pack-sizes while on tour or on picnic or any time at home to serve the guests on special occasions. Consistent quality provided with assurance of Gauras brand name.   (more…)